Why Choose a White Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen?

Brightens Your Kitchen Space

BoldWhite granite counters are known for their ability to showcase any kitchen space. This gives the natural stone a reflective quality that will make the entire space brighter. Although they are still the same creamy colors as other more mild types of stone, the relative paleness of white granite is often enough to freshen up dark kitchens, bedrooms, or other rooms with a shortage of natural light. Studies conducted on design have revealed that light colors can make a kitchen look 20% bigger than dark ones.

Versatile Aesthetic Appeal

White granite is quite flexible and can be used to support anything from ultra-modern cabinetry, to traditional cherry wood cabinetry. From a polished, modern look of stainless steel appliances to the cozy, classic feel of wooden cabinets, white granite countertops function perfectly. Their subtle veining and neutral colour make for a restful surface that provides a beautiful backdrop to other design details in the kitchen.

Durability and Longevity

Granite is among the hardest countertop materials you can purchase, behind only quartzite, quartz -- and perhaps the stone carving experiments of Egyptian pharaohs. It's not easily scratched, chipped or damaged by heat, so it is a good choice for a kitchen that gets busy. Similarly, sealed white granite does not stain and will always maintain the appearance of new white granite countertops, more or less. According to market research, granite countertops increase the possible lifetime of a kitchen by as much as 30% as opposed to all other countertop materials.

Boost to Property Value

A white granite countertop substantially increases your homeonder;#8217;s resale value. Kitchens are big sale tickets in real estate, and granite and other high end surfaces are a devilishly juicy bait for potential buyers. This can be a smart investment for homeowners hoping to raise the property value when selling (homes with granite countertops see a market value increase of 5 to 10%, as reported by real estate publications).

Low Maintenance Requirements

White Granite: A Luxurious LookFor LessYou might come to the conclusion that white granite looks expensive — and expensive means high maintenance. You must seal it upon installation and reseal every few years thereafter, though wiping it down with a mild detergent is all the maintenance that is required on a daily basis. The ease of maintenance makes for an excellent material choice for homeowners short on time that still desire a gorgeous kitchen without keeping up on high-maintenace surfaces.

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Selecting a white granite countertop for your kitchen has as much to do with the practicality of the purchase as it does the look. White granite looks great, lasts long, and requires minimal maintenance, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who wish to augment their kitchen space with aesthetic and usable qualities. Whether revamping an existing area, or constructing a kitchen from the ground up, White granite is a reliable and trendy structure to cater to your home for good.

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